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Healthcare data is in silos

The world's most valuable healthcare data is disconnected and disparate.

People want to contribute

People want to do what they can to contribute. However, the platforms to enable communities to do this don't exist.

We need new tools

Tools to reduce hospital admissions, increase self care, and aid remote consultations are needed to scale quality healthcare globally.


We leverage the power of community to develop advanced healthcare tools.


Respiratory Health

healthHive is a mobile platform which helps people anonymously track their respiratory health as they deal with COVID-19 symptoms. The app was developed in collaboration with Bournemouth University and the anonymized data will be used to create new tests with the potential to help millions around the world.

Easy Assessments

healthHive’s interactive exercises guide users through specific regimes to assess and track their respiratory health. 

It only takes 2 minutes per day. 

Stay Anonymous & Contribute to Research

By taking part in the assessment, your anonymized data will directly help inform the development of new health tools which have the potential of helping millions around the world. 


Connected Cognition is an official data supplier to the NHS, helping in the fight against Covid.

Developed in collaboration with Bournemouth University.

App Coming Soon:

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